Bowoo is a New York City based design studio and manufacturer of carry goods founded by Reonda, a self-taught multidisciplinary designer and musician.

She started Bowoo out of the frustration of not being able to find a guitar case that is both functionally and aesthetically well designed. Always carrying her guitar around, she wondered why guitar cases are always too heavy, or too flimsy, and too boring. So she designed a hybrid case with a tweak on the look of typical black guitar cases.

With this in mind, the first version of the Bowoo guitar case was born. A couple of websites and blogs picked it up and shortly after, the guitar cases were sold out. She hesitated to continue the project, but quite a few people seemed to be keen on it, so she decided to revisit the design and tried something new.

Fast forward six months. After couple rounds of prototypes, many sleepless nights, and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the brand new guitar cases arrive in Bowoo’s office. Since then, a good number of other products has been added onto the shelves. Most of which are handmade right in Bowoo's Brooklyn garage workshop and/or their humble little studio in Soho. 

Bowoo is a strong supporter of keeping things made in USA!